Our daily challenge in merging tailoring quality and industrial management

The attention and control that go into each phase of production, the experience gained over the years, the study of trends and the superior quality of the materials chosen ensure the production of unique garments.

We make available our experience and our skilful hands to obtain a product of excellence, able to respond to customer’s needs.
Our production range starts from the fully interfaced garment with various manual processes, to the deconstructed unlined item passing through partially interfaced garments, with the adoption of the industrial method and traditional open tailoring. 

Our challenge lies in combining the modernity of industrial management with the loyalty to that method of traditional tailoring work that has made the excellence of Italian manufacturing. 



The chain: the feather in our cap

We respond quickly and dynamically to proposals and work with the customer to solve technical issues. The in-house production chain offers an all-round consulting service with a guarantee of maximum confidentiality.

In detail:

  1. Paper patterns from the first fashion design
  2. Prototype and sample collection
  3. Full industrialisation of the product post-sample collection
  4. Production of special garments: VIP, press, trunk show, made-to-measure, reassortments
  5. Full production of orders: cutting, sewing, pressing and final inspection
  6. Warehouse and logistics